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Real beauty is to be true to yourself

I am so blessed, to be able to do what I love every day. My core personal and business values are inspired by real-life, that goes on to celebrate beauty in every sense of the word

With over 23 years of working as a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, I have had extensive experience working with all skin tones and types, facial features, hair textures and personal styles


My bridal style is understated, natural and elegant - I believe that you should be a true reflection of who you are on your wedding day. I am a great believer in marriage and the decision one makes to choose to share your life with one special person. To combine my passion for makeup and hair with this beautiful reality of marriage is a dream come true for me

My passion also lies in being a hair and make-up educator. I thrive on working with women to uplift and empower them, to be the best versions of themselves and to identify and embrace their unique features and how best to enhance them

I’ve had the privilege to be part of so many special days and creating beautiful and lasting memories


That, I will always be grateful for

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